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1. Looking for a Nurse Refresher Course?

Nurse Re-Entry Courses in Texas
If you are a nurse considering returning to professional nursing practice, you will need to contact your local community college to determine if they offer a re-entry nursing program. Click the link above for a listing of re-entry nursing programs available at community colleges around Texas.

For nurses unable to locate a nursing refresher program in your local area, you may want to consider the "Extensive Orientation Option" for completing a nursing refresher course. Click Here for information about this option.

Essential Physical Competencies for Nursing
Physical competencies / guidelines to function safely in nursing practice.

2. Is an Online Refresher Course Right For You?

Self-Assessment for Distance Learning
Not sure about taking a distance learning course? Take the self-assessment. Distance learning is not for everyone!

3. Resources for Students Enrolled in an Online Refresher Course

  1. Course Information
    Learn more about the on-line nurse re-entry course including required textbooks, computer recommendations, student expectations, and requirements for successful completion.
  2. Course Syllabus for Registered Nurses (RNSG 1006)
    A topical view of the content and how it is presented on-line.
  3. Course Syllabus for Licensed Vocational Nurses (VNSG 2033)
    The distance learning re-entry nursing course is self-paced. This document is a recommended schedule for students to follow or use as a guideline to complete the distance learning re-entry course within the required time line (16 weeks).
  4. Recommended Textbooks
    A listing of the required textbooks along with additional resources.
  5. Student Clinical Placement Information
    Completion of this document will assist the course coordinator/instructor in appropriately placing students for the clinical preceptorship. Print, complete and return the document to the course coordinator/instructor as soon as possible to avoid delayed entry into the clinical preceptorship.
  6. Nursing Skills Checklist Students should print this document and take it to the skill’s lab and clinical preceptorship. Skill’s on this document should be demonstrated and checked off by the course instructor and/or clinical preceptor.
  7. Clinical Placement Time Log (pdf)
    Students should print this document and use to track clinical hours in their preceptorship, and then submit the log to the course coordinator/instructor upon completion of the 72-hour clinical preceptorship.
  8. Preceptorship Student Manual
    Students should read this manual prior to entering the required clinical preceptorship portion of the distance learning re-entry nurse course. It may help to answer questions about the 72 – hour clinical preceptorship.
  9. Evaluation of the Clinical Preceptorship
    Upon completion of the clinical preceptorship, students should print this document, evaluate the preceptorship, and return the completed evaluation to the course coordinator/instructor.

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